Any puppies/picks that we currently have available will be posted here.
Please text 717-781-7083 or email [email protected]   |  Additional photos on our Facebook page

What your puppy comes with... 

Your puppy will be interacted with and handled daily by one of us, our children, or other dogs.  It will be raised using Puppy Culture methods which include early mental stimulation and exposure to a variety of sights/sounds/textures/surfaces making your puppy well adjusted for his or her new home.  Your puppy will have its nails trimmed every week from birth and bathed several times to desensitize it to being groomed.
You will receive registration paperwork (ABKC or UKC depending on the litter) if full registration/breeding rights are purchased.  Registration will also be given once proof of spay/neuter is shown for our pet home puppies.  All puppies are sold under a contract which includes a health guarantee and requirements to ensure that the puppy never ends up in a shelter (all of our puppies/dogs are always welcome here at Tillman Kennels for life).
You will also be given a health certificate, vaccination records, and a collar with a matching leash.  Puppies will be vaccinated with Neopar at 5 and 7 weeks and will receive two 5-way shots done at 6 and 8 weeks which will need to be continued at 12, and 16 weeks as our recommended vaccination schedule.  Puppies will be fully up to date on age appropriate vaccinations when they leave for their new homes.
  1. Check back later in the summer. We have a few breedings planned that we will have puppies available from.