These are all of our dogs at Tillman Kennels.  They range from pocket to standard in size and all have something unique to bring to our breeding program.  Some are adults and have earned titles, others are maturing very nicely and will soon be entering the show ring and when old enough will be bred and be an integral part of our breeding program.  Additional photos and videos of our dogs are available upon request.
  1. Grand Champion Sosa
    Grand Champion Sosa
    Our main stud and male foundation for our breeding program. He has produced some amazing puppies so far. Open for stud services currently.
  2. Champion Sapphire
    Champion Sapphire
    One of our most important females in our breeding program. She has proven herself with her first litter. We have a couple other things planned with her.
  3. Missy
    Our pocket piebald blue tri girl. Her structure is absolutely amazing and her productions speak for themselves.
  4. Blueberry
    Our upcoming star from My Stylez Pitz and Bulliez. This girl's structure is flawless and will be a good foundation to build on.
  5. Blitz
    Our pocket lilac blue merle stud. He has proven himself a producer even with the most terrier females.
  6. Prizm
    Our tri merle American Bully puppy. She has some great breedings lined up for her when she's old enough, including to GRCH Sosa.
  7. Bauhaus
    Our future stud at Tillman Kennels. He has a promising show career. His lines are Louis V and Dax lines.
  8. Buffy
    A daxline female we have a breeding planned with GRCH Sosa this spring.
  9. Senya
    Our classic merle female from Mugged Up Merles.
  10. Crown
    A GRCH Sosa daughter from Missy. Pocket with perfected structure.
  11. Toki
    Our keeper from CH Sapphire
  12. Vida
    A GRCH Sosa daughter produced by Jessica Pardekooper. She will be bred to a couple of our studs when old enough.
  13. Godiva
    A gorgeous chocolate tri girl who we have big plans for.


UKC Grand Champion Sosa is open for stud services.  He is also 1 major away from his ABKC Championship.  Has had health testing done (OFA cardiac and eyes normal), tri carrier, excellent movement and conformation, perfect temperament.

Current fee options:
$750 outright
$250 & 2nd pick back

Blitz is open for stud services.  He's merle and carries for/can produce a huge variety of colors.  He's pocket in height, has excellent structure, and is probably one of the best examples of merle I have seen with breed type.  He has a very laid back calm temperament.

Current fee options:
$500 outright
$250 & 2nd pick back

Bauhaus is our future upcoming stud.  He is Louis V and Dax lines.  He will be pocket. 

Current fee:
$2000 outright 
($500 locks you in at this rate,
remainder due at time of breeding)

All fees described do not include shipping.  We can ship anywhere in the United States for an additional fee.  All collections and breedings are done in house.  We can meet/travel and board your female to accomplish the breeding also.  All stud services will be provided under a contract signed by both parties.